contract number 2017-1-CZ01-KA204-035421

1. Project summary

EGOV project has responded to a situation when governments of all EU countries offer a wide range of e-government services and invest an effort into development of e-government services but on the other hand there is a large proportion of citizens who are not able or competent to use this kind of services. The main reasons is their lower education level or little personal experience in work with computers and internet services. That fact was a basic corestone for the EGOV project. Project thus was focused on the target group consisting of people with lower level education and with less experience in work on computer. The project partners created eight practical workshops which enable effective training in use of egovernment services.  There was created a simulation environment which lecturer can use for some practical tasks in workshops. Each workshop is focused on different aspects of egoverment services. Supporting materials were developed for each workshop. There were developed six different materials for each workshop - three ones for participants a three for lecturers. Each workshop was twice piloted. During pilot period 112 participants were attend pilot workshops. Outputs of EGOV project can use each lecturer or company in all Europe. It is enough to open simulation environment (http://egov-sim.eu). There anyone can find sets of teaching materials for workshops. There is information what steps it is necessary do to create next language version of SE.

2. Project outputs

Project outputs can be divided into three groups: (1) learning materials for workshops; (2) simulated environment; (3) pilot validation of teaching materials.

2.1 Teaching materials
The project has developed eight workshops aimed at working more effectively with e-government services.
Workshop titles are:
  1. Search for contact details of the Authority
  2. Downloading and working with forms
  3. Solving the life situations of the citizen
  4. Electronic signature
  5. Electronical communication with the authority
  6. Open data of e-government
  7. Search for information on services of authorities
  8. Application for effective work with the services of the Office 
A set of six learning materials was created for each workshop.

Three materials are intended for the workshop participant. These are:
  • (1) Worksheets;
  • (2) Textbook;
  • (3) Procedures.
The other three materials are intended for the lecturer. These are:
  • (1) Minute scenario;
  • (2) Worksheet solutions;
  • (3) Notes for the lecturer.

Each partner developed teaching materials for two workshops. He created them in his own language and in English. The other six workshops were translated by the partners into the national version. However, national versions are not an exact copy of the source version. Each partner adapted the workshop to the national conditions in their country.
All materials were created in five language versions - Czech, Polish, Finnish, German, English.
In total, 8 workshops * 6 materials * 5 language versions = 240 materials were created for each language version.
All planned teaching materials were developed within the project. All materials have an United design.

2.2 Simulated environment
A simulated environment has been created for the workshops, which the lecturer can open in a web browser. The address of the simulated environment is http://egov-sim.eu. The simulated environment has five language versions. It contains a section for workshop participants. In this section, participants can work under the guidance of a lecturer with pages of six virtual offices of different sizes. There is also a section for lecturers in the simulated environment. This section was created beyond the plan in the application. In this section, the lecturer can monitor the work of the participants in fulfilling the selected tasks. Every teacher who wants to use the simulation environment can download teaching materials directly from this environment and use them for free.

2.3 Pilot verification